Wednesday 07 December 2022

Automatic translation of video's with lipsyncing

Dutch start-up XS2Content made a video for Villamedia in which they indicate that they want to talk to Ukrainian journalists. They think it was important to address them in their own language, in the hope of reaching journalists who have not already been heard and seen in several places in the media.

XS2Content converted an originally Dutch spoken video into Ukrainian using an accumulation of techniques. Using its technology, the start-up transcribed the Dutch audio, translated it into Ukrainian, converted the translated text back into audio, placed it back in the video and adjusted the mouth movements in the video.

There are of course easier ways to place a call in Ukrainian. For example, only in text, or by asking a Ukrainian speaker to record the video. We chose this solution because we also wanted to test the technology of XS2Content and describe it in our story.

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