Hello! We are XS2Content, at your service.

XS2Content is a content multiplication solution that will transform how content makers repurpose their content. Thanks to our AI-powered platform, we automatically create engaging content for a plethora of media outlets. Fast and affordable. We are proud to call some of Holland’s leading media companies our clients and have participated in the Dutch Journalism Fund accelerator program. XS2Content is located in Hilversum, the media center of the Netherlands.


About our founders

Childhood friends Richard Otto and Sebastian Plasschaert founded XS2Radio in 2020 to help publishers transform written content to radio. With Otto’s broad experience in media and Plasschaert’s background in full-stack development, the two serial entrepreneurs soon recognized their solution held so much more potential than radio alone. So in 2022, XS2Radio renamed itself XS2Content, and the rest is both history and the future in the making.

“Our mission is simple: we help content makers reach more people by multiplying their content in the most engaging, affordable, and fastest way.”

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