24/7 audio news bulletin with Text To Speech technology


December 2021

DPG Media / De Stentor

The regional news platform De Stentor noticed that making an audio news bulletin with a human presenter is very time-consuming. They looked for a more efficient solution to offer news bulletins in audio.

Together with XS2Content, De Stentor selected a synthetic voice (text-to-speech) and the right audio design. XS2Content converts the rss-feed with news articles into a short news bulletin with five news items optimised with the technology of the XS2Content-platform. The automatically generated news bulletins offer great advantages in terms of time, scalability, and cost savings, while the number of listeners is even higher than the 'human bulletins'. In addition, the bulletin has been expanded with regional weather forecasts. For this purpose, our technology also converts the data from weather data specialist Weerplaza into audio.


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The advantages of XS2Content

Speed and cost savings are major advantages in this project. With the XS2Content technology, a news bulletin can be automatically generated and distributed within a minute, without personnel costs.

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